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Trek Duration: 8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS Maximum Altitude: 11,950 ft Base Camp: Jaubhari
Pickup point: Bagdogra / NJP Minimum Age: 10 Best time to visit: September to April

Product Description

Sandakphu Phalut Trek Tour is a must do trek for people looking to explore Darjeeling/Sikkim hills with a breathtaking panorama of Himalayan peaks. Sandakphu is the highest point of West Bengal at 3636 m/11926 ft in the district of Darjeeling and Phalut is another table top on the same ridge. This trek follows the famous Singalila Ridge, a prominent spur of high ground that lies at the southern end of a long crest, which runs down from the Kanchendzongha massif and forms the border between Sikkim & Nepal. One of the unavoidable necessities of trekking in Himalaya is that the best views are had from high up but the trek along this ridge, passing through small settlements, is perhaps the one of the most scenically rewarding in the Himalaya. This is indeed an ideal trek for the experienced trekkers in a Tea-House style. There are spectacular panoramic views of Nepal Himalayas including Kanchendzongha range, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Janu, Chamlang, Baruntse and a host of Sikkim peaks all seen in one stretch. The famous “Sleeping Buddha” formation of peaks is a delight for all. The Singalila National park area has rare species like Red Panda and is a birder’s paradise. The flowering of Rhododendrons and Magnolia turn the forest with red, pink and white shades during spring and foliage hue during fall.

DEPARTURE TIME Approx. 8 o'clock in the Morning
Camping tents, Temp rated sleeping bags, mattress Forest Permits/Camping Charges/Permits, Trek Permit Fee/IMF Permission (Upto the amount charged for Indian nationals)
Veg Food Three Meals a day Safety Equipment includes static rescue rope, seat harness, carabiners, pulleys
Mountaineering course certified Trek Leader with Wilderness Emergency Responder & Rescue. course from NIM Uttarkashi First Aid Certified Local guide, cook, helpers
Porters or mules for carrying common luggage Transportation from Manali to Manali.
Meals during road journeys Any kind of Insurance
Any expense of personal nature Any expense not specified in the inclusion list
Carriage of personal rucksack Meals during Hotel Stay


Day 1: Njp to Manebhanjan

Over Night Stay, Next early morning trek starts


Day 2: Sandakphu Phalut Trek Tour: Manebhanjan to Tonglu (11kms), 6-7 Hours Trek

Manebhanjan (also known as Mane Bhanjyang), Altitude: 7,054ft Many trekkers come to Manebhanjan a day before the trekking starts. This is to acclimatize themselves with the conditions before starting the trek early next morning. Manebhanjan is a small settlement. There is no ATM here. To get cash, the nearest ATM is at Sukhia which is about 15-20 minutes by car (it would be on your way when you arrive at Manebhanjan).

Chitre (3kms from Manebhanjan, Altitude: 8,340ft), 1.5 hours trek. Chitre is a small village about 3kms from Manebhanjan located at an altitude of 8,340 ft. The route up to Chitre passes through pine, fir, birch forests and bamboo glades. This part of the trek route is very steep and really warms you up. It takes about 1.5 hours to trek up to Chitre. Lamaydhura (further 3kms, Altitude: 8,792ft), +1.5 hours trek Lamaydhura is a hamlet inhabited only by five odd Tibetan families. This part of the trek is more comfortable than the earlier stretch up to Chitre. It’s a steady but gradual incline from Chitre and takes over an hour of trek. You will get drinking water here as well as snack-type food like noodles, eggs etc. Meghma (further 3kms, Altitude 9,514ft), +1.5 hours trek. This is another small village located at the border of India and Nepal, and about 3kms from Lamaydhura. Meghma is at an altitude of 9,514 ft. From Lamaydhura, it takes about 1.5 hours of trek to reach Meghma.Tonglu (2kms from Meghma, Altitude: 10,130ft), +1 hour trek.Tonglu is a small hamlet located at an altitude of 10,130ft. This is where most trekkers take the first night halt.


Day 3: Sandakphu Phalut Trek Tour: Tonglu to Kalipokhri (15kms), 6-7 Hours Trek

From Tonglu, you should start your trek early next morning. From Tonglu your next destination is Tumling which is about 2kms away. Tumbling (2kms from Tonglu, Altitude: 9,600ft), +1 hour trek 2kms trek from Tonglu will take you to another small Village called Tumbling located at an altitude of 9,600 ft. Tonglu to Tumling is a steep descent, but thereafter it’s a gradual descend till Gairibas. Tumbling is a great place to stop for a while, freshen up and then get moving for the next leg of the trek. Gairibas (1km from Jhaubari, Altitude: 8,600ft), +0.5 hour trek From Jhaubari one has to take a right turn towards Gairibas. It is further 1km ahead and located at an altitude of 8,600 ft. From Tumbling up to Jhaubari is a gradual descent and a relatively easy trek. But after Jhaubari it is a steep descend up to Gairibas. Kalipokhri (6kms from Gairibas, Altitude: 10,400ft) +3 hours trek From Gairibas, the trek up to Kalipokhri takes about three hours. It’s at an altitude of 10,400 ft. Initially, you will trek uphill through forests of oak, rhododendrons, and bamboo to reach Kaiyakatta in about 1.5 hours which is about 2kms from Gairibas. The trail is up & down from here. In another 1.5 hours or so you will reach Kalipokhri. Night Stay


Day 4: Sandakphu Phalut Trek Tour: Kalipokhri to Sandakphu (6kms), 3 Hours Trek

start very early in the morning the next day. You will not like to miss out on the panoramic view of the snow peaks from Sandakphu, which is best seen early in the morning. An early start from here will give you a chance to view the snow peaks twice, once as soon as you reach Sandakphu and again next morning before you start your return or onward trek. Bikheybhanjang (2kms from Kalipokhri), +40 minutes trek From Kalipokhri, the trekking route gradually ascends up to Bikheybhanjang which is located 2kms away. On the way, you will cross a place called Chowri Chowk (there is no signboard though) where you can take a break for a couple of minutes. Sandakphu (further 4kms from Bikheybhanjang, Altitude: 11,929ft) 2.5 hours trek

And now the final destination and the climax. You could see the Sandakphu Peak from Kalipokhri itself. But like all great things in life, this won’t come easy. From Bikhheybhanjang the climb up to Sandakphu is the steepest. The 4kms route can easily take about 2.5 hours. There are stretches where the gradient is so steep that you will think your nose is about to touch the ground. Night Stay


Day 5: Sandakphu to Phalut (Altitude: 11950feet, Temp: October to May -5 c to 11 c)

As you start your trek from Sandakphu towards Phalut, you will shortly see the majestic Kanchenjunga family of peaks right ahead. Look towards the left and you will see the dazzling Everest family including Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. The route from Sandakphu to Phalut has a relatively easier gradient as both the places are at similar altitudes, however, there will be inclines to climb at some places.


Day 6: Sandakphu Phalut Trek Tour: Phalut to Gorkhey (17 KM Altitude: 7700 feet, Temp: October to May 0 c to 20 c.)

From Phalut, take the bridle path through the forest area towards Rammam. The trail from Phalut up to Gorkey is about 15kms and quickly descends through forests of bamboo, pine, chestnuts, hemlock, etc.

You will also find plenty of Rhododendrons and oaks. You can also take several shortcuts by crossing some water channels along the way. After a while, you will see the Rammam river on your left which forms the border with Sikkim and then you will see below the amazing meadow of Samandeen which is popularly known as second Switzerland.

Night Stay at Gorkhey


Day 7: Sandakphu Phalut Trek Tour: Gorkhe to Rammam to Rimbik

Gorkhe To Rammam

From Rammam, start early next morning towards Rimbik (6,500 ft) which is 19kms away. On the way, you will get a small village called Srikhola about 12kms from Rammam.

The first 9kms is a level route going through forests and then it descends to Srikhola. From here, Rimbik is an about 2-hrs walk. There is a trekkers hut at Srikhola and most trekkers stay here for the night so that next morning one can quickly trek down to Rimbik and catch the bus or jeep for Manebhanjan.

You will also find plenty of Rhododendrons and oaks. You can also take several shortcuts by crossing some water channels along the way. After a while, you will see the Rammam river on your left which forms the border with Sikkim and then you will see below the amazing meadow of Samandeen which is popularly known as second Switzerland.

Night Stay at Rimbik


Day 8: Rimbik to Manebhanjan to NJP

Bus or Jeep for Manebhanjan Then Car to Njp

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